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The main purpose of this study is to help Asthma and Allergy patients, which are very common and increasing in number in our society. The Medical Meteorology Working Group, established for this purpose, consists of researchers working at the General Directorate of Meteorology, Ege University and Istanbul Technical University.
"Pollen Allergy Bulletin", the group's first interdisciplinary work, is a joint project of Ege University academics and General Directorate of Meteorology experts.
The atmosphere is a direct or indirect part of many events that affect human life. For this reason, the General Directorate of Meteorology not only prepares and publishes observations, forecasts and early warnings, but also supports projects and applications carried out in many different fields such as defense, transportation, agriculture and energy. Today, meteorological services and public health units are in constant cooperation in many countries. They carry out joint studies on issues such as the impact of rapidly changing atmospheric conditions such as heat and cold waves on human health, pollen measurements and predictions, dust transport, air pollution, and prevention of the spread of infectious diseases. The Izmir Pollen Allergy Bulletin Pilot study is a product of the interdisciplinary study carried out in cooperation with the General Directorate of Meteorology and Ege University.
Ege University Medical Meteorology Working Group; It carries out the Pollen Allergy Bulletin Project with the Aerobiology Group within the Ege University Translational Pulmonology Research Group (EgeTPAG), which operates under the umbrella of Ege University-Respiratory Research Center (EgeSAM). This group consists of web software experts from the Faculty of Medicine, Chest Diseases, Immunology and Allergic Diseases, the Faculty of Science, Department of Biology, Department of Botany and the Department of Information Technology.
Medical Meteorology Working Group continues to work on new projects with EgeTPAG.

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